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FTB and FSR Trigger Pads / Re: eHAT2 FSR pedal trigger
« Last post by pljones on August 05, 2020, 05:53:18 PM »
By May this year, the sensor I had had got to the state where a retrain gave it a range on the the Pad 22 display as low as 0 to 13 ... but variable, sometimes it would train to 0 to 107 immediately after.  So I gave up and got a replacement.  Nowhere in the UK (and couldn't see any on eBay) was doing compatible pedals.

That seems to be behaving at the moment.  The new Velcro is a lot tighter than on the last one, for a start - I think there must have been both horizontal and vertical give going on.  Once trained, it's all seemed well -- it's been a couple of months now without a change (not through cold / damp spells yet, though - only a couple of minor heat waves).  I don't remember the old one ever feeling quite so good.
FTB and FSR Trigger Pads / Re: eHAT2 FSR pedal trigger
« Last post by 510man on August 04, 2020, 07:22:36 PM »
Hi all,

Anyone else get one of these?

I bought one for a HH on a Pearl Mimic Pro. I was optimistic but I didn't have much luck with getting the setting right. I stopped using it and moved to a Roland FD7 controller. Old but works great and setup was easy to dial in
MalletKAT / Re: Cakewalk changing sounds (setups)
« Last post by Stephenconmor on August 03, 2020, 04:06:13 PM »
I think I figured out my issue, but it?s a bit strange. 

First I tried your ideas: changed to midi Chanel 1, disconnected midi cable from the computer to the midi in of the VibeKat...   did not solve the problem but I thought... maybe disconnect other things.   

So I disconnected the VibeKat midi out going to the Ketron SD1000 midi in.   Normally this would silence the VibeKat, but no, I guess because I have the Ketron SD1000 USB port connected to a USB on my laptop.  So apparently there was some conflicting signals ...

So my fix: once I?m ready to work in Cakewalk, I disconnect the midi cable going from the VibeKat to the Ketron SD1000.   Now everything is working fine.   (If I play the VibeKat without the computer, I reconnect that cable - VibeKat to the Ketron SD1000.)

Thanks for your help,
MalletKAT / Re: Cakewalk changing sounds (setups)
« Last post by gmbydmit on August 01, 2020, 04:28:09 PM »
you said:This works for the 1st run through, but if I want to change the Vibe-Kat sound there's a problem...

     When you step thru your VibeKat set-ups, and you find what you want, make sure the VibeKat is sending on the same midi channel as your midi track in Sonar (omni is more for... if you are recording multiple midi sources onto the same track, but I am assuming you are recording that midi from one source specifically (The VibeKat), so set all the midi channels in that signal path to the same midi channel #)...Omni in SONAR is the default, and it's one of those 'set it and forget it' if it works kinda settings...but keep in mind you've got 16 midi channels...

after I record Audio and Midi tracks, I will save them, mute them, and drag them to the side or bottom of your project, out of the way, and create new ones....AND don't forget to save your work  :)

Do you have the midi out from your PC / interface going into the VibeKat midi in?
if so, that COULD be an issue also, and if you don't need it, disconnect it

SD1000plus....?? that your audio-midi interface? or are you referring to the Ketron Sound Module?

let me know how it goes...
MalletKAT / Re: Cakewalk changing sounds (setups)
« Last post by Stephenconmor on August 01, 2020, 03:20:35 PM »
I?m recording a midi track and 2 audio tracks (2mics at my amp). 

I am not clear about the midi channel designation, that might be the issue. 

I set the input to:
USB midi - midi omni

This works for the 1st run through, but if I want to chang the VibeKat sound there?s a problem. 

MalletKAT / Re: Cakewalk changing sounds (setups)
« Last post by gmbydmit2 on July 28, 2020, 09:45:53 PM »
I use(d) Sonar Cakewalk for quite a while...

you created a midi track or audio track or both?

and double checked that the VibeKat was on the same midi channel as the track in Cakewalk?

I don't have a MAC but all the sample files are Zipped...

did you download, then extract or open all the files within the Zipped folder?

just trying to help

MalletKAT / Importing Samples from Alternate Mode Website into Logic (Mac)
« Last post by moneymfd on July 28, 2020, 05:26:16 PM »
Hello All,
I'm a newbie to the group and I'm sure my question has been answered before, but I have a question about importing samples from the Alternate Mode website. I have a VibeKat and I have Logic (mac) and I was trying to import the samples into Logic (or Garage Band). Has anyone had experience with this or have a good resource to help. The samples are the ones on this site. I have tried exporting them in the EXS format but that did not seem to work.


MalletKAT / Cakewalk changing sounds (setups)
« Last post by Stephenconmor on July 23, 2020, 02:23:17 PM »
Hi.  I am recording my VibeKat using Cakewalk on my pc.  There are times when my VibeKat displays a sound/ setup like French Horn, but the connection to my PC (Sometimes) somehow affects the VibeKat to produce another sound, like piano. 
Is there a way to prevent this, or quickly refresh Cakewalk/ VibeKat ?
FTB and FSR Trigger Pads / Re: drumKat Hybrid connections with FTB
« Last post by Vkat on June 06, 2020, 05:28:45 PM »
Great idea.
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