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Can you HELP ORB GET ON STAGE @ North Coast Music Festival ? VOTE FOR ME ? (Read 11269 times)


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  • Go Ahead, make my millenium!
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I voted for you a ton of times! those bastards!
you should've got in dude!  you were Robbed, Rob


Orb Vroomer

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  • It's katalicious.Go ahead & try one.You'll like it
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Thanks for the support ,Tim. Either way , I was way short of what was needed.  It seems like my votes were not getting tallied - some logged immediately & others ...not so sure.
Maybe if I can manage to put out some new tunes with a better style, I'll have a chance without a freakin' contest....nothing  against contests...whatever became of AM's contest ?

I sent a video to AGT , too.Never heard from them.....  Maybe if I play a DK, while standing on my head,  juggling knives ,I'll have a shot. While singing the Lichtenstiener Wallenhiemer....geez the bar is set high these days.  :-\