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Some more kick ass performance/demonstration videos from The Master Mario (Read 3802 times)


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for those who may have not seen the recent videos that Mario has posted on YOUTUBE.....

CHECK IT OUT! - it looks like in the last week, 13 new videos have been posted by Mario, using the Malletkat, a looper, Omnisphere, etc  (search youtube for Mariokatman, then subscribe if you can....well worth it)


It is worth checking out! I also think there is truly some cool opportunities for us drummers to see what IS possible with AM products, making backing tracks, play-alongs, etc

Final point.....If you can go to the EPW in Delaware you should! You can see the master himself show you how this is done! I unfortunately cannot make it this year, which is a bummer, but trust me....this workshop is worth the time and money!