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10" HybriPad Bounces off the Drum (Read 172 times)


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10" HybriPad Bounces off the Drum
April 27, 2020, 01:17:31 AM
Anybody have a fix for the 10" HybriPad bouncing off the drum? This is only an issue with the 10". I believe it's a weight issue. I setup the toms with a minimal to moderate tilt so the angle shouldn't be a problem. The 12", 13" 14" and 16" do not do this.

Wondering if I can remove the rubber backing and add a thin metal disk to give it more weight? Or perhaps a 1/2" ring around the outer edge so the center flies over the acoustic drum head? There would be less bounce out near the bearing edge. Open to any ideas.


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I am sorry for the delay in the reply....

I WOULD NOT ALTER the pad itself.
BUT, I would suggest small tiny pieces of velcro between the rim and the edge of the pad....

Also....Are you a hard hitting drummer?
if so, loosen the acoustic head under the pad to reduce the bounce....??