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User Kits in DITI? (Read 3187 times)


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User Kits in DITI?
July 18, 2019, 03:12:56 PM
I'd like to edit a User Kit from scratch in the DITI. But I don't see anything in the manual on how to start a new User Kit (despite several mentions of the User Kits). Any tips?

I've also seen several mentions (in the manual) of editing kits with MIDI SysEx dumps. I've never done this before. Do you recommend any software for editing the kits on a laptop and then sending them to the DITI?
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#1 Re: User Kits in DITI?
July 22, 2019, 04:34:29 PM

Re: User Kits
The bottom of page 7 of the DITI Manual ( explains where the User Kits are (and why several of them appear to be preset kits, out of the box).

Re: How to send SysEx
(1) Connect MIDI OUT (IN) from your computer MIDI interface to MIDI IN (OUT) on the DITI (, respectively).
(2) Any of the following programs have relatively straightforward interfaces for saving, editing, sending, and receiving SysEX:

Some notes on my experience:
  • In SysEx Librarian, they send SysEx files by "playing" them. Push the big "play" button.
  • MIDI OX does not have an intuitive interface. I'm still struggling with it. However, it has a MIDI Monitor. And that was essential to diagnosing the problems I was having with my MIDI interfaces on Windows.
  • The DITI Editor freezes now and again (in my experience). So save your work often.
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#2 Re: User Kits in DITI?
September 16, 2019, 12:46:54 AM
......there has been such a lack of anything happening here on the forum, you caught me sleepin on the job.... ;)

But, the DITI a universal midi, 'USER KITS' or 'FACTORY KITS' or whatever you name them to be....
Mario did great creating a bunch of kits that work great with the gigkat (or anything THAT has that Kurzweil card in it, TK, MK,etc)...But IMO, That's just a starting point, and any of those kits can be dumped, written over, edited, whatever...

....i.e......I took the COWBELLS kit which is specifically for use with the GigKat...and It was already a very basic kit, so with a few minor steps (yep, I did it manually on the Diti, with the edit screens, step by step, then reviewed/double checked with the editor)SO,  I made sure it was a 'scratch pad kit' - all on the same midi channel, all one sound simultaneously, all the same gate time, no Linking pads, etc, etc, etc...

And now with some slight modifications to that Scratch Pad Kit and I have made kits to work with Toontrack Latin Perc, NI Abbey Road, NI Battery, and even Korg Gadget for my IPad...

I'm rolling up my sleeves again

If you can use it, it's attached (hopefully)

Tim   :D