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Changing Octave Settings Creating Volume Issue (Read 10577 times)


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Changing Octave Settings Creating Volume Issue
September 27, 2017, 09:09:42 PM
I have been experimenting with raising the octave setting (e.g. change octave 07 to 08) on the various vibe and marimba setups on my Malletkat. When I do this, however, the volume of the sound diminishes as I play upwards through the top octave. if I raise the pitch scale two octaves (e.g. octave 07 to 09) the volume continues to diminish, eventually disappearing completely. I have confirmed this behavior for user kits 1 through 15, and on a random sampling of other voices. A few questions:
  • Is this behavior normal, has anyone else experienced it?
  • Can I compensate by using the pad training, or octave training feature?
  • Are pad training/octave training adjustments global, or specific to the kit on the instrument when they are set?
My instrument is an Express with the KS internal sound engine. Thanks in advance...