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Switching note numbers with a footswitch in DITI? (Read 2318 times)


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With my DK10, I can specify each of the ten pads to be a hihat pad. Then I can essentially create two kits in one, where I switch between each of two kits with the hihat controller: hihat up is one kit, and hihat down is the other. My hihat controller is an old DrumKat H.A.T. (Hat Action Trigger) pedal. I use the FTSW out from this pedal. But you can use any footswitch (in the hihat input on the DK10) for the same effect.

Is it possible to do something similar with JamKAT/DITI? The hihat systems are much more complicated. I tried setting each pad's "HiHat Select" to "HAT NOTE" and putting two different note numbers in Slot 1 and Slot 2 of the pad (all the rest OFF). Then I tried connecting each of the outputs (CTRL, FTSW, TRIG) from my H.A.T. pedal to each of inputs 7A and 7B on the DITI. But this didn't do the trick.

I don't quite understand the HiHat, HiHat Controller parameters (#1 and #4). My H.A.T. pedal has a "CTRL" output. Is this the same as the "Continuous Control" mentioned in the DITI manual?

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